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Source Code

Argus-3.0.6 is the current stable version of argus, which you should get as a tarball using the links below.

argus-3.0.6 -

Development versions of Argus-3.x, which are developed and discussed on the argus development mailing list are available, as alpha and beta code. These packages will have all the latest features, bug-fixes, as well as new bugs ;o). Packages are available here.

Argus-development-versions -

The use of Argus versions 2.x is now discouraged. Please consider running argus-3.0.x as your first choice for argus and its client programs. Source code for the these distributions can be downloaded via HTTP or FTP from the following locations:


Argus source requires libpcap, and the GNU bison, and it is suggested that you link argus with tcp_wrappers. Argus can also be linked to cyrus-sasl for remote access security. Copies of the most recent versions of these packages can be found at:

libpcap -
GNU bison -
tcp_wrappers -
cyrus-sasl -


Binary Packages

Argus-3.0.4 is a post-release package, which you can get as the source tarball using the links above. Binary packages for argus-3.0.6 will be available in the coming months (as of Jun, 2012) as distribution maintainers port argus-3.0 to their platforms. Binary distributions of argus-2.x are available for several platforms.

Red Hat Linux 7.0 -
Debian GNU/Linux -
FreeBSD - /i386/packages-stable/Latest/argus.tbz

If you have, know of, or are in a position to generate, a binary package for any missing platforms, please send mail to the mailing list. We can't accept packages without verifying content, etc..., so please mail the list and we'll discuss.