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QoSient Technology

QoSient's network monitoring technology, , and the supporting data collection, management and analytic programs in the argus clients, have, for decades, delivered leading capabilities in the areas of Network Flow Monitoring, Network Activity Audits, Cyber Situational Awareness, Network Performance Analysis, Advanced Network Operations, Intrusion Detection, Behavioral Baselining, Exfiltration Detection, Policy Verification, Real-time Continuous Monitoring, Network Functional Assurance, and Network Inventory Analysis, just to name a few.

QoSient's commercial and open source software technology is used throughout the US Gov't, global ISP, enterprise and university IT infrastructure. The open-source versions are included in the software distribution of many dedicated network hardware platforms and operating systems.

Contact us to see how QoSient commercial and open source technology, consulting and custom technology development can help you improve your infrastructure's quality of service.

  • Advanced Flow Monitoring
  • Packet Sessionization
  • Continuous Diagnostics
  • Real-time and Historical
  • Network Trend Analysis
  • Network Forensics
  • SDN Debugging
  • Asset and Service Inventory
  • Enhanced Fault Alerting
  • Data Visualization
High Performance

QoSient network monitor technology is one of the fastest available. Generating primitive data at 10 Gbps in commoditity hardware, with development paths to 40Gbps and 100Gbps. And it performs even better at slower speeds, especially when running in modern laptops, servers, workstations, cloud nodes, and wireless APs. QoSient technology, provides the building blocks for understanding any part of your network.


QoSient technology has been ported to over 30 environments, platforms and operating systems, including Tilera, Bivio, Pluribus Networks, Nortel, Ericsson, Marconi, Mac OS X, HPUX, Solaris, AIX, VxWorks, Linux, Unix, OpenWRT, even UNICOS and Windows. QoSient technology runs on most real and virtual platforms that use packets. Availble under a number of licenses, QoSient technology can provide you with a component or a complete network awareness capability.

Network Awareness

QoSient has developed advanced network activity data models that extracts better network activity data than any other systems. Designed to comprehensively measure network behaviors for operations, performance and security of actual user traffic, QoSient technology can provide you with unprecidented awareness of what is going on. With that as a starting point, solving some of the toughest problems become possible.

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