QoSient Performance Technology and Consulting

QoSient, working with the US DoD research community, understands that performance is an asset that needs protection. In order to defend it, you have to be able to measure performance, End-to-End Performance. QoSient's approach to network performance measurement focuses on comprehensive measurements of users actual traffic, not synthetic test traffic. This approach provides direct evidence of a users networks use, and experience, with enough detail to understand who, what, when where and why, before the user complains.

QoSient's technology, , has for decades, delivered leading capabilities in End-to-End Performance monitoring and analysis that "points the finger" where the real performance problems lie. QoSient's analytics, provide the ability to realize in real-time, the QoS of customer traffic, as well as provide the long term trending needed to understand enterprise performance.

QoSient has consulted / contracted to the US DoD, NSA and DHS, as well as to the telecommunications and entertainment industry, in the areas of network performance measurement, diagnostics, attribution, mitigation, anaytics, and network design.

Contact us to see how QoSient consulting and custom technology development can help you improve your infrastructures performance and quality of service.

  • Network Optimization
  • E2E Performance Assesments
  • Loss Analysis
  • Latency Measurement
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Host/Network Attribution
  • QoS Policy Verificaiton
Distributed Performance Monitoring

QoSient's unique distributed monitoring technology, provides the next-generation network sensing that is needed to identify and characterize end-to-end performance problems, in LAN, CAN, WAN, VLAN, Overlay and SDN based networks.

Continous, comprehensive, distributed monitoring can shed light on the toughest network problems. Lets us show you how.

Performance Analytics

QoSient's passive network performance technology provides the metrics that can identify what along the path is affecting your actual user's traffic. Quicking pointing the finger at the cause, which allows you to pick the right way to fix the problem.

Differentiating between the network, end-system, and/or the application, gets to the heart of your performance problem in minutes, not days.

Network Optimization

QoSient has been a part of several successful large scale network infrastructure optimization efforts within the US Gov't and the entertainment industry.

QoSient technology and consulting supports formal improvement processes, that help to ensure successful outcomes, in what can be a massively complex effort.

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