QoSient Support


QoSient provides consulting services for infrastructure protection, operations and performance. QoSient key personnel have over 30 years experience in very large scale network operations, network performance analysis, high performance and cybersecurity. QoSient has consulted to the US DoD, NRL, DARPA, NSA, CIA and DHS on network defense, optimization and performance, as well as the telecommunications and media industry, and is available to support you.

Support Contracts

QoSient offers support contracts for its open source and commercial technologies. Tailored to specific customers needs, QoSient offers technical support, expedited problem solving, training and custom development.

Open Source Technology

QoSient's open source project, , brings together a large network of developers, network operators, and security officers, that are actively using QoSient's technology in their infrastructure. This large knowledge base and experience level can provide you with a wealth of information on how QoSient technology can be applied to your problems.

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