Today's Enterprises Need Better
Network Awareness

Enterprise IT is increasing in complexity and scale, offering more spaces for intruders, adversaries and insiders to enter and operate. With network performance exceeding 10G, 40G and even 100G, and network scale approaching 1 million nodes, tracking active intrusions is a challenge. Many times, simple awareness of what is going on in your enterprise network is all that is needed to realize the existence of a threat to your infrastructure. Understanding that a particular end system is accessing a corporate router, scanning for vulnerable machines within the enterprise, or pushing data to an external machine may be all that is needed to reveal that your enterprise is under attack from a persistent threat.

Achieving comprehensive network awareness across modern large-scale networks could understandably preoccupy the most skilled network and security engineers. Traditional management data with link statistics, addresses, protocols and port numbers fall short in providing meaningful awareness of your netwo5. To understand the actual threats to your environment, you need much more information and understanding of what is and should be going on.

Scalable Network Awareness Needs:

  • Real-time comprehensive network accountability to assess the who, what, when, where and why of network use throughout the enterprise
  • Protocol awareness to formulate a complete picture of network utilization beyond the router and switch
  • Metadata to reveal the significance of content and behavior
  • Enhanced intelligence to transform your sensor data into decision-making and action that can mitigate problems, recover from attack, improve performance, optimize operations and harden your network security, enabling you to protect your enterprise against threats of an increasingly specialized nature

  • Meaningful awareness of your total network space requires a new approach to network sensing, sense-making and analytics ... at scale

    Introducing :
    Boosted for Today's and Tomorrow's Networks

    QoSient invented the concept of network flow technology and created argus, the most widely used open source network flow system. Building on over three decades of leadership in the field of cyber security network monitoring, QoSient now introduces Argus Pro, a suite of commercial products and appliances that is designed to deliver comprehensive transactional network awareness for the complete enterprise. Deployable from the core to every edge device in an organization, Argus Pro uses a scalable dense sensor approach to transactional network awareness, accounting for every use of the network.

    Argus Pro combines performance, scalability, breadth and intelligence to deliver best-in-market network situational intelligence and awareness. It is the leading solution for sensing, distributing, collecting and analyzing the most comprehensive network flow data on the world’s largest enterprise networks.

    features include:

  • Network flow data generation, with superior performance and reliability at 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G line rates
  • Real-time data availability to enable real-time response
  • An enhanced flow data model, with new distribution and processing methods that scale to any size infrastructure
  • Support for any packet data source: routers, switches, taps, packet brokers, fabrics and files
  • Optimized power, space and cooling performance to minimize data center footprint, cost and OpEx
  • Commitment to emerging network requirements including new control plane protocols, tunneling techniques (e.g., GUE), and awareness for new network paradigms (e.g., SDN)

  • Argus Pro is a suite of commercial products and appliances that deliver next generation network awareness for your enterprises cyber security operations



    Argus Sense is a network traffic flow sensor that generates real-time comprehensive transactional data/metadata about all network traffic. Deployable as an appliance or integrated software on every border, interface or node in physical or virtual environments, Argus Sense generates the same network accountability forensics data at many points in the enterprise, enabling a new approach to cyber security awareness.

    Argus Sense features include:

  • End-to-end, real-time sensing at 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G
  • Exceptional power, space and cooling properties
  • Situational awareness software that can be deployed on desktops, laptops and integrated into network elements
  • Improved context awareness for emerging network protocols, such as GUE, NVO3 and SDNs
  • Protocol-specific content capture for user and control planes, such as DNS, DHCP and ARP

    Argus Collect offers storage appliances that support scalable collection of large numbers of network sensors in a remote, regional and central collection and processing heirarchy.

    Argus Collect features include:

  • Support for all flow data sources, including appliances, routers, switches, brokers, fabrics and files
  • Expanded Source Identification capabilities (UUID, IPv6)
  • Multiple simultaneous inputs and outputs (> 64)
  • Multiple concurrent data outputs including argus V3, argus V5, NetFlow V5, NetFlow V9, IPFIX, JSON, XML and syslog
  • Direct-attach data collection for zero-impact processing
  • Integrated cryptographic data protection for data on the wire
  • Interfaces for commercial management solutions

    Argus Distribute applicances provide distribution of records from many sources to many consumers of argus network data, supporting multiple flow styles, multi-tenancy and hierarchical systems architecture.

    Argus Distribute features include:

  • High performance flow data transport and processing
  • M x N data stream support
  • Virtual network overlay capabilities
  • Expanded transport options such as push/pull, enterprise bus, zero MQ, multicast and connect and connectionless options

    Argus Analyze allows real-time streaming and historical analytics software for sense-making, behavioral profiling, anomaly detection, forensics, inventory management, operational and security management, and protection against specialized threats.

    Argus Analyze features include:

  • Advanced forensics data tools for searching, identifying, classifying and analyzing large amounts of flow data
  • Inventory analytics to track network asset utilization
  • Matrix and service presence analytics that provide behavior baseline information for anomaly indication and detection
  • Control Plane Awareness (DNS, DHCP,  ARP,  ISIS, OSPF)
  • Non-IP Flow Support
  • Layer X Lateral Movement Detection
  • Shadow IT Indications
  • Third-party threat intelligence analytics
  • Root kit detection using behavioral methods

  • Network forensics real-time visibility and network situational awareness are the keys to protecting your enterprise and its assets.

    consists of modular components
    that can be integrated to deliver scalable network awareness

    QoSient: A Trusted Technology
    Leader in Comprehensive,
    Real-Time Network Awareness

    QoSient is committed to the principle that network situational awareness is the only thing that delivers the visibility needed to secure, optimize, and operate today’s largest and fastest enterprise networks. QoSient has not only kept pace, it has led the market in sensing and managing network flow data for the past 30+ years. QoSient has provided network awareness for the US DoD and private enterprises through its open source technology and has consulted with the FBI, DoD, DARPA, NRL, NSA, DHS, NSF, AT&T, Gloriad, ITT Aerospace, Lockheed-Martin, and MITRE.

    Now, with the advent of faster networks, SDN, NFV, Cloud and increasing mobility, QoSient is ready with a solution that scales to your infrastructure. Partner with QoSient and use Argus Pro as your network awareness capability.

    : Delivering Network
    Awareness Innovation

    QoSient has refocused its R&D resources to develop and sustain the Argus Pro roadmap, reflecting a commitment to the future of network awareness. The Argus Pro product line is influenced and directed by commercial customers and enables:

  • Scalability to match the pace of network speeds and evolution
  • Flexibility for continued support of the widest array of protocols (current and future)
  • Extensibility to the network’s edge to establish the highest levels of network awareness and security at the networks limits and not just in the core
  • Analytics, reporting and dashboards that transform your network flows from end to end into actions that make your performance, your operations and your security more effective
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