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QoSient is a research, development and consulting company focusing on cybersecurity for large scale data networks. QoSient key personnel have over 30 years experience in cybersecurity, analyzing and responding to foundational cybesecurity events, including the Morris Worm, investigating incidents at the national level, such as those by Mitnick, Stakkato, and the Legion of Doom, developing seminal cybersecurity technology and leading research, at the CMU Software Engineering Institute's Computer Emergency Response Team, NRL, DARPA, and the US DoD, within the networking industry, leading security product development and international standards efforts in network security architecture, and more recently at US National laboratories, advancing the art of network cybersecurity.

QoSient's technology, , has, for decades, delivered leading capabilities in the areas of Cyber Situational Awareness, Incident Response, Network Functional Assurance, and Verifiable Networking and is used throughout the US Gov't, global ISPs, enterprise and university networks, in research and operational networks.

QoSient consults to the US DoD, DARPA, NSA, CIA and DHS, in the areas of high performance networking, cybersecurity, network situational awareness and cyber defensive architecture.

Contact us to see how QoSient consulting and custom technology development can help to protect your infrastructure.

  • Situational Awareness
  • Policy Verification
  • Functional Assurance
  • Discovering Discovery
  • Command/Control Tracking
  • Exfiltration Detection
  • Attack Analytics
  • Formal Deterence
  • Adaptive Defense
Advanced Situational Awareness

“We must first understand our networks and build an effective cyber situational awareness in real time ” - Gen. Keith Alexander Director NSA

Incomplete awareness of how a network is being used, is a serious problem for infrastructure of any size. QoSient technology is designed specifically to provide the information needed for advanced continuous cyber situational awareness.

Network Functional Assurance

Most infrastructure assumes that its components are doing what they are suppose to do. Access control, encryption, routing, switching, NAT, VPN, authentication and authorization; they don't always do what you expect.

Knowing that networks function as intended, is a critical component to knowing that the infrastructure is secure.

Verifiable Networking

QoSient is leading the effort to identify and develop the next-generation of security and assurance technology, Verifiability / Verification. Insiders make classic trust models very difficult to rely on. The solution is verify, verify, verify.

QoSient technology, today, provides the building blocks for total network accountability, a critical step in network verifiability and non-repudiation.

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